8-Page Fold

This project I created in Illustrator as an 8-page fold-up booklet that tells the story of how I met my web host. I choose a font that would best represent the story and enlarged and colorized the first letter of each paragraph. I also choose graphic elements that represent what is being talked about on each page and even included some of the first things I ever created in Photoshop that directly relate to the story.

Fictional CD Cover

This is a fictional album cover I created completely in Photoshop to demonstrate my passion for music and the universe. The background is various different images blended together using overlays to give it the feel of a club in outer space. Then I cut out the image of the DJ and her turntable from their background and placed them into my design. Then I duplicated her a few times and placed them in lower layers gradually increasing their opacity to make it look like she is moving to the music. I also cut out an image of the Sun and placed it so it would look like it is hovering over her turntable.  Then I found an image of flames and used the background eraser to remove its background then brought it into my design and duplicated and rotated it a bunch of times to give the sun a bunch of solar flares. Then I thought of a fitting name for the DJ and the album and positioned the text for them. Lastly, I used a filter on the text to make it look like the letters have icicles hanging off them to represent the coldness of the vacuum of outer space.

KnowledgePlaylists Logo

I created this logo in Illustrator for my website I wanted to represent knowledge with a very stylistic brain that incorporates the color scheme of my website as well as the universal symbol for playlist in bright yellow. I put the whole thing in a sideways triangle to represent a play button and gave it a 3D appearance so I could also include the website URL inside the bottom section.


This is a project I created in Illustrator with an oxymoron theme. I choose the phrase "Holy Hell" because it is a common phrase where each word is the polar opposite of the other and I figured I could represent each with graphic elements that represent each perfectly. For example, the way I gave "Holy" angel wings and "Hell" a devil's tail and used colors that best represented each.

Physics Typography

I designed this in Illustrator for my Typography class. I am fascinated by physics and had a blast figuring out the best spot for each word.


My goal was to incorporate everything that fascinates me into the design of my self-portrait. I posed for this intending to add the swords in later.

Sex Appeal Magazine Cover

This is a project I did mostly in Photoshop except for the text which I created in Illustrator. It is a magazine cover I did for Eric Bulls’ of Sex Appeal Magazine. He wanted it to look like the Scarface movie poster which is the reason I chose the fonts and colors I used. He also supplied me with the image of the model which I had to cut out of her background to place on this cover. He also had me make various touch-ups to her skin as well as slim her stomach slightly. I also included his barcode and layout the text for the binding and top bar. Lastly, I designed the “S Rating” in the bottom right corner to keep up the movie poster theme while staying true to his brand.

Sex Appeal Media Magazine Ads

I created this is a project in Photoshop for Eric Bulls to promote an old company of his that no longer exists. He wanted to do a design that incorporated an iPhone, red carpet, social media icons, and a scan-able QR code.  He also wanted me to use the logo I had previously created for our company. The version on the left was the first thing I came up with and the version on the left was the final version we came up with.

Status Vodka Christmas Promo

This is a project I did completely in Photoshop for Eric Bulls & Jocovi Lindsey of Status Vodka. It is a Christmas banner to promote Status Vodka. For the background, I blended two different images together using overlay. I positioned the text and used filters to give it a metallic look that shines. Lastly, I cut out an image of the Status Vodka bottle from its background and positioned it so the girl would be looking right at it.

Elements & Principles of Design

I did all of these designs completely in Illustrator to demonstrate each of the 12 different elements & principles of design.

Font Styles

I created this project in Illustrator to represent the font "Romance Fatal Serif" the way it looks in various different styles like bold, italic, and bold italic. I also choose fitting a passage from Virgil's "The Aeneid" to show how these styles can be used in a publication.

Movie Title Frame

I created this project mostly in Photoshop except for the text which I created in Illustrator. It is an opening title screen for a movie I want to see made even though Carl Sagan is no longer with us to write the book. I used Photoshop to cut the spaceship out of its background and placed it on this space background with the top of the earth and the moon. I created the shadowing over the earth that the spaceship would cause and added the title "Contact II” and the catch phrase “The time is now" from illustrator and gave it a glow effect.

Game of Clues Logo

I created this logo for the Game of Clues Escape Room in Novi, MI.

Re-created with only text!

This is a project I did completely in Illustrator to prove that I could recreate a world’s fair poster using nothing but text.  I placed my version to the left of the original to allow for comparison.

Yasko's Tunnel Vision Promo

I created this mostly in Photoshop except for the text which I created in Illustrator. I created this poster for Emily Yasko to help promote her new album as well as her official website which I also designed for her. It incorporates her "Tunnel Vision" album cover with an image of an actual tunnel, which I blended together with overlays. I also cut an image of her out of its background and placed her right in the center of the image on the top layer. Lastly, I added her website URL and name where they best fit.