Fitness Together 38 Second Client Testimonial

A 38 second video I did for Fitness Together for a Client Testimonial.

Mozkowitz LLP Short Video

A short video I did for Mozkowitz LLP

Fitness Together Full Presentation Video

A long presentation video I edited to have the PowerPoint slides appear where they belonged based on what was being said in the presentation.

3D Particle Text Intro/Outro Animation

I created this in Adobe AfterEffects for my favorite rapper Wax.

InternetTrollTurds VlogBrothers Video Edit

I created this using the unedited footage that Hank Green released for people to practice editing with.

Portal Lady

I used the template at to learn how to create a portal effect.

Malibu Bottle by Yasko

The first kinetic typography video I ever created for Yasko. This music video was a blast creating and I learned a lot in the process.

Wax - It's All Love

3D Kinetic Typography Music Video I created for my favorite rapper Wax.

Stars Align by Lindsey Stirling

This is a 3d kinetic typography music video I created in AfterEffects for my favorite Lindsey Stirling song. #MichBusiness 12 Second Video Contest Entry

This is a 12 second video I created for a #MichBusiness contest. Kinetic Typography Motion Graphics Promo Video

This is a promotional video I created about my freelance services.